Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RURALIST + MODERN Collection -- teaser photos from Finderskeepers Market...

Tiffany Mitchell from Offbeat & Inspired stopped by Finderskeepers Market today to take a few photos of our RURALIST + MODERN Collection before our re-opening this weekend.  This is just a little sneak peek -- so I hope to see everyone soon.  So many new finds to share!


  1. Wonderful photos and incredible style (as always). Your clients are in for a treat!

  2. Wow. I gotta say - very, very good! I used to own a shop - Market Decor. I know, first hand, the SEARCH for great things/lines and what a challenge (and fun and frustrating)that can be, and you've just NAILED IT. I know the time and great amount of research,connecting with the right people,searching for the great vintage finds, and so many other things,all it takes to put something like this together. But mostly, I can also see the PASSION in your collection. I do miss my store at times. One day I will make it to your store - I live in Illinois. The photos are so impressive! Truly a great job!