Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visit Finderskeepers Market for final markdowns on the following items...

As we end our Summer Clearance Event to prepare and re-stock for our upcoming Fall Open House  -- we'd like to promote final markdowns on the items you see here.  For more information, email me at -- or call 859.913.0611


  1. Hi,
    I enjoy your blog but I'm having difficulty finding the website for your FindersKeepers Market store. Can you help?

  2. Hello Miranda-- There is currently no other site for Finderskeepers Market, other than my blog, The New Victorian Ruralist. You can purchase any of the Finderskeepers Market items you see here on the blog by inquiring via email ( or phone 859.913.0611. We have a brick and mortar store in Lexington, KY located at 109 Walton Avenue.

  3. I can't wait until I am back in the United States and I can actually shop for something from Finders Keepers !