Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A 5-Day Visual NYC Itinerary...

We'll kick off Day 1 with lunch at Momofuku Ssam in the East Village.
Of course we'll have to grab a slice of Crack Pie next door at Milk Bar before heading out for some shopping.
We always stop at Obscura just in case there's something we simply cannot live without.
Upper Rust is a fun stop too.  This place is such a surpise in the city.
There always time to stop for some of il laboratorio's amazing gelato.  The watermelon is delicious! 
We have friends joining us this trip, so I cannot wait to share the John Derian experience.
We'll freshen up at Le Labo.
There's always so many things to covet at Paula Rubenstein.
AllSaints — just for the spectacle of it all.
I can't wait to see all the gorgeous new lighting in person at Ochre.
Thursday evening brings Tennessee Williams' In Masks Outrageous and Austere on Bleecker Street.  I have heard this play is a trip!
Day 1 will end with a late dinner at Minetta Tavern.
Day 2 begins with another favorite — Prune.  Look out Pasta Kerchief, here I come!
After lunch, we plan to get lost for a while in the Strand Bookstore.
I always enjoy walking through the RH flagship.

Yes, we'll be seeing Spiderman on Broadway (not my idea).  Still, it should a fun diversion.

Another late dinner near our hotel at Trattoria Dopo Teatro.
We'll head out early on Saturday for the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
 The afternoon includes a play...
 ... and perhaps a trip to the Natural History Museum.
 Dinner at Peels Saturday night.
 Brunch at Locanda Verde on Sunday morning.  What a way to begin the day!
Two shows on Sunday include Traces... 
 ...and what is sure to be a highlight of this trip, The Book of Mormon!
 Dinner at The Smith on Sunday.
 We'll enjoy lunch at ABC Kitchen on our final day in NYC.
 Of course we'll have to shop ABC Carpet & Home while we are there.
We'll end our visit with an inspiring visit to MOMA.
I am sure there will be plenty of details in between it all.  Of course I will keep you updated.


  1. Enjoy your trip my fair city!

    Perhaps, it's just me, but I find the Hell's Kitchen flea market a disappointment compared to the Antique's Garage on West 24th/25th Street. There are two vendors at the Garage that should not be missed on the lower level: George and Alan- the latter having wonderful old frames and great STUFF, the kind you don't see in flea markets anymore- Victorian knobs, hat boxes, brass fittings, old mirrors, everything c. 1900.

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  3. Thanks Daniel! We'll have to visit the Gargage too!

  4. ...and if you have a late night sweet craving stop by Billy's on 9th / 21st and grab a cupcake. They're open until midnight and it is well worth it!!!! Oh how I miss them....

  5. Hey. You should also visit my friends shop, Kabinett and Kammer at 174 East 2nd St. It's very Victorian Ruralist!

  6. Yes, yes — thanks for reminding me about Kabinett & Kammer!

  7. Oh goodness, please take me with you! I am small, and surely will fit in your suitcase. Looks like a splendid time... enjoy. :)

  8. So jealous! Sounds like a blast!!