Sunday, February 19, 2012

Framing Alternatives at Finderskeepers Market...

The burlap upholstery on the back of this dining chair resembled a memo board -- so I decided to
make it one by adding a vintage bird print. The rest of the chair is upholstered in flax-colored linen.An antique clock box becomes a handsome shadowbox frame.Cloches are a great way to display mementos. Here, an iron wire cloche sits on a
vintage pie pan to showcase a vintage photograph of a young boy.Zinc easels hold vintage postcards, letters, recipes and photos. I love the barn raising images and the two football poses.A series of found boating photographs are supported by antique floral frogs.An antique book with a handmade dust jacket showcases a pair of vintage scissors and a beautiful autograph.Traditional frames punctuate the shelf of a French bookcase.Another vintage portrait floats via a telescoping photo stand.
Most items are available for shipping. For inquiries, email me at -- or phone Finderskeepers Market at 859.913.0611.


  1. Holly cow!!! I Love everything you've shown in the last few posts. How do you manage to have everything I desire? :-)

  2. I am not the biggest fan of frames so I love these ideas, may have to have a few of those zinc easels!

  3. I like !!! ;) You have a wonderful site ! I really enjoy to visit you and your wonderful photos !

  4. Where are the chairs from?

  5. Anonymous -- the chairs are availabe through my shop, Finderskeepers Market.