Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the Love of Chalkboards...

Make an old storage piece even more functional
by turning the doors into message boards.
Chalkboard as room divider in an already
dramatic loft space.
I love the industrial elements in this kitchen.
Somehow, the chalkboard walls seem to cozy
things up a bit.
The addition of frame lights balances the
casualness and formality.


  1. Chalkboards seem to take me back to a time when drawing was less serious and more playful. The smokey black field that allowed for mistakes and also promoted a new way to see words and text. White lines that communicated in a black line world. As a designer, I feel the neutral black helps to ground the space and give opportunities for change. I enjoy the contrast it brings to the nuetral palette of the spaces. As an artist and writer, I see endless possibilities for personal expression and art making. We live with text everywhere in our society, why not at home.