Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finderskeepers Market Latest Arrivals...

 Detail on an antique Amish Pew Table
 Industrial Wisk Lamp
 Large Nest Bowl
 Crown Corkscrews
 Milky Mercury Glass
 Antique French Book
 Vintage Grain Sack
 Antique Tablecloth
 Bridget Davies Dessert Plate
 Lovely new turned wood lamps
 Vintage Workshop Table
 Wall Candelabra
 Derian Fruit
 Nesting Bowls
 Sculptural Pods
 Metal Frames
 Salt & Pepper Cellars
 Antique Fencing Mask
 Modern Alchemy's Tincture of Winchester Candle — with its  notes of smoky gunpowder, wood stock, and 19th century lacquer. 
 Pod Boxes
 Modern Alchemy Matchboxes
 Marble serving pieces
 Antique sign
 Grain Sack Pillow
 Croix Mirror
 Overscaled Wooden Floor Lamp
 Recycled Glass Champagne Flutes
 Linnea's Light Cashmere Candle
 Summer Camp Campfire Candle
 Antique Wooden Bench
 Cocktail Picks
 Vintage Creamer and Cutlery
 My favorite — this candle smells just like the garden.
 Squirrel Salt Shaker
 Metal Baskets
 Concrete Leaf Tray
 Mercury against antique mirror
 A handsome vintage framed photograph
 Vintage Luggage
 Six Drawer Chest
 French Cathedral Candelabras
 Gorgeous rug from Roost
 Antler Candlesticks
 Weathered Hands
 Tabletop detail
 Reclaimed wood console
 Graphic Printed Pillow
 Antique Boxing Gloves
 Antique Bread Safe
 Woven Tray
 Antique Rug Pillow
 Fresh, potted Rosemary currently available at Finderskeepers Market
 Weathered Candlesticks
 Doll parts
 Doll Parts #2
 Paper Trophies
 Gathered Truths
 Great legs
 Black Framed Mirror
Patchouli Powder Box Candle
For purchasing information on any of these items — use the descriptions you see here and contact me at or phone 859.913.0611