Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anthro, why do you call to me like you do?

Battersea Sofette / $2998
I really wanted to use this for a recent job.
Client was indifferent. What was she thinking?
Thomas Paul stuns again!
According to Anthro, great sycamores raise
their canopies on neutral linen cotton.
Buttonwood Curtain / $208 - 268
Wouldn't this make a handsome shaving mirror?
Who's The Fairest Mirror / $148
If only it washed ashore.
Washed Ashore Lamp / $228
Alice, where are you?
Tea Party Candelabra / $398 (ouch!)
Collected Memories Mirror / $698
Collected Memories Mirror, installed.
Rather genius, don't you think?
Look at that detail!
Knotted Vines Shower Curtain / $148

Couldn't resist this little curiosity. Well, at $648 maybe I could.



Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loving the simplified poster...

Recycled + Functional + Vintage = NVR-cool

Crates on a wall. How simple can you get?
That row of shoes gives the entire assemblage
a composed and artisitic edge.
I especially like these salvaged shoe trolleys.
So many uses for this caboodle on wheels!
Baileys Home and Garden
More crates on a wall — this time via
Repurposed mail sorter from a renovated farmhouse
tour on

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Current Diversions at Finderskeepers Market...

Various oddities currently on-hand include
circus fragments and this beautiful zinc mirror.
The little galvanized "frames" are a fun way
to display your favorite photos and mementoes.
Cast iron knockers.
Antique wildlife portrait.
French burlap horse.
Text-wrapped candles.
Terra Cotta Crucifix + wooden shoes.
Vintage photo + brush (used as photo holder).
Bone + wooden bead chandelier.
Vintage brass chandelier + twisted wire branches.
Vintage tools beneath corked cloches.
Vintage seltzer bottles.
Butter pats.
Vintage floral markers.
Vintage chandelier with wooden spindle drops.
Vintage dentist's stool + medicine ball.
Maltese Owl.
Phrenology canvas.
Antique Osteology Chart.
Owl lamp.
Wooden animal head.
Framed hippo skull.
Please contact Finderskeepers Market, Inc.
for pricing or any other information concerning
these items. We would be happy to answer any
of your questions. 859.499.4200 or 859.913.0611

The Breathtaking Splendor of Ruven Afanador...

These images, and more of Afanador's photographic
genius, can be found at:

Thoroughly enjoying Port O'Brien...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wilson A. Bentley's Snow Crystals...

Wilson A. Bentley, with his Bellows camera and a microscope,
photographed the first images of single snowflakes.
In 1931, the amazing images he captured were recorded
in the innovative book Snow Crystals. Over 2,500 images
represented Bentley's fascination.
A few weeks after his masterpiece was published, Bentley
caught pneumonia and died after walking through a blizzard.
So sad, but true.